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October 26, 2004

I woke up nice and early to study for my ee quiz. I was kind of upset that i messed up on one part of the quiz question. But anyways after the quiz i came back to my place and i watched the movie “bad boys” starring sean penn. IT was a movie made in 1983 about penn being a criminal teenager, who was in trouble with the law. And later that night i watched rosemary’s baby. That was an interesting movie, not really that scary.

What was really scary is how my roommate tells me about his scary stories. Like how his dog will go to any room in the house except for his room. And it was becuase the people that lived in his house before, a boy died in the room. I thought that was kind of interesting, and then marc would tell me how when they were remodeling the house, his room would always have the most trouble like stuff falling off.

I think his story was more scary then the movie, so the movie was a letdown.

Then, i’ve convinced my roommate that i cna make a flash animation just as good as aqua teen hunger force. Now i’m going to have to figure out some characters. So if any of you have adult swim like characters that you would like to see, comment it to me. So i can figure out what characters to develop.

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