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September 2004

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September 28, 2004

so i was sitting around reading when the earthquake hit. I thought at first that it was the garbage truck that was shaking the building. Because the building was rolling, it wasn’t very jerky, but more of a rolling action. Back and forth. I was going to go do the duck and hide , but my desk didn’t feel sturdy. So i just sat in my chair in the middle of the room from stuff.

Doing homework and fixing hte blank-label website

Andrew's Thoughts


September 26, 2004

I currently have a headache, and i’m not sure why. I think i must have eaten too much greasy food in one setting. Then I went and watched tv without my glasses on and i was squinting from the other end of the room. And then My brain got tired, and wanted to rest but i didn’t let it, so i think it’s being mean and telling me something.

Today, I woke up without an alarm clock. I think my brain works on a internal clock during the weekends. Much better then during the weekdays. On the weekends, I don’t even turn on my alarm, and i seem to wake up on time, if i have a time i need to wake up. So i needed to wake up for church at 8:45. Church started at 9:30. So i set my alarm clock and then i wake up at 8:47, and then i wonder how come my alarm clock didn’t wake me up. It just happened that I had forgot to set the alarm clock on. I had set the time but not turned it on to alarm.

After church, we went to margie’s diner. It was a good meal. The food porportion is humongous. I got the meat lover’s omelette. And i believe they had to have used at least 6 eggs for my omlette, and 4 big potatoes to make my lunch. And i tried to down it all, but i could not. As arthur wanted me to try to finish it, but the breakfast stuff they have there is just too much. So i took the other half of it home and ate it for dinner.

Then i watched sports. Too bad the A’s lost, but the raiders destroyed. For a second, I thought the game was just like the game i played on madden 2005, on the ps2 in the apt. Especailly that Jerry Porter catch. where he just stuck his arms over the opponent’s arm and caught the ball with the other guy in front of him. So dugan. I do play madden, but my friend’s controllers are kind of screwy and my guy would start running in all different directions.

Then I went to celebration. It was fun meeting all the old people from last year.

Andrew's Thoughts


September 25, 2004

So let me tell you people stuff now, because i haven’t blogged for a while. Well, I’m back at cal poly now. For the first 4 days, we only had internet connection on one of the computers, and couldn’t get the router to send the internet to our other computers. Then we ended up buying a new cat cable so now internet works all over the place.

I have 3 roommates, Marc Hori, Patrick Goulding, and Justin Maneenly. Pat is a crazy 49er’s fan. We have a set of 24 glass 49er’s cup, and a 49er’s flag, and signs on the wall. He also has a gold streak going down his car. While Justin and Marc are movie buffs. So i can watch a lot of movies. Justin works at the hollywood video and can check out movies. So we watched “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” before it comes out for rental on tuesday at the video store. It was a great movie. The movie has all the stuff out of chronological order, and eventually everything pieces together and the movie makes sense.

My classes are not too bad. I have 2 GE’s and 2 major classes. For my economics class, me and a friend are going to share books, so we both will pay half for the book, and when we sell it back on we will share the money we make on that. So it will end up that the book won’t cost too much. And our econ book is expensive. For the small size nad info on it, it cost 90 dollars.

And I got my job back at the cafeteria again. And currently they are understaff. When i went in there, I found out that more then half the old chefs were gone, and there were 4 new chefs working. I feel so senior in the kitchen. But i got to cut cheese. the parmesean cheese that comes out in the wheel are so hard to cut. I was using a double handle knife, and i needed to get leverage to cut a lot of it. It felt like I was doing pushups, except i was pushing down. The girl that was working with the meat, was chuckling at me, because i was getting manhandled by the cheese. But i did finish cutting it up. The best part of the cafeteria is that there aren’t too many cooks in the back. So I get to meet most of them. We have these great friendships going. Rick is the cook I know from last year that I still work with. He’s one cool guy, he calls me the superhero cook. Haha, maybe it’s because of the TLC that i can exude. =)