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August 22, 2004

I had a very eventful saturday and sunday. On sunday, my dad’s best friend came over and his sons came over. So we went swimming at the clubhouse. It’s really nice to swim when there are not much people.

Then Conal his cousins, and Edris and vinesh and i later were at my house. I was helping vinesh play layla, so we could play the duet of it. Then we went to watch garden state.

Today was brian’s 3rd birthday. So after church, I went ot palmoares park and had the party there. Here is a picture.

He’s unhappy in this picture, because he wants to open his toys, but we were just starting. He’s so fun to play with. he was on the bridge and i would pretend to be a monster and lay my hand on the bridge so it looked dead. Then he would walk close and i would start flaing wildly to scare him. Then this picture is of the kids opening thomas the toy train

Then i felt a sunburn on my shoulders.

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