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watercolor finished

August 13, 2004

I finished my first watercolor picture. It turned out much better then I thought. What frustrates me about watercolor, is that it is the hardest to master. There are 2 reasons. First, you can’t control everything, you can only lead the water to do something, but can’t control what it does. So control freaks would die if they did watercoloring. Well, I’m not a control freak, or perfectionist, so i can cope with watercolor. I just look at my picture as i’m painting and i keep on thinking, it can only get better. The weirdest thing about watercolor, is even though you might paint somethign and it looks bad after you paint it. It might look better later, once you fill in the rest of the picture. In my watercolor I really like the rocks, and i liked my sky, but i learned from it to not get my paint to watery, or else it comes out very light.

Okay, that’s enough time for today on this blog. Time to fly and drive to my aunt’s house, and put this little critters … um little girls to sleep. They are destroying my house =(). But they know that cousin Andrew is the king of this house, and if they don’t obey Cousin Andrew, they will get the Cousin Andrew Punishment. It’s a very painful punishment i pass out. If they disobey, I go with the claw, it’s a great move. I learned it from my mom, I just put my hand around the back of their neck hear the shirt collar and then i can control where they move. Like a puppet, because i can life them up off the carpet too. And it’s so easy to tell them what to do when that happens. But it is a good thing I never had to use it. Usually, i can convince them to clean up by saying, We are going to play a game next, and i need the floor to be clean or else we won’t have any space to play, then they clean up fast.

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