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July 27, 2004

Okay, I’ll put up another entry because i found some time to not play video games. For the past few days i’ve been doing most of my speech homework, and playing around with my friends. I have not had time to update my blog because whenever i’m on the computer, i’m either setting up the webpage and creating new content for it. or i have been writing essays and playing video games. I think i will start updating my blog more, because i’ve finished having my fun and i want to learn some things now.

I have been teaching myself more webpage code. I have been reading up on php and learning how to read and write that code. It’s looks fairly simple, it is like basic and html put together.

I still have to continue working on my animation. But today in watercoloring class i played around. I was drawing very badly, so i don’t want to show it. Next week, i will do a showing of my work. Watercolor is the art of imperfection and not being able to control anything. I just paint and watch hte colors do their job. It is fun, not having to control it. And i think, once i master watercolors, that is the fastest art i can do, because the paints just flow quickly. I think when i go back ot college, i will take my color pencils and doodle there. No watercolors, becuase i need to use up the rest of my nice color pencils.

Finally, my speech class is almost over. I took the final for it and i just need to write a speech analyst and do an inpromtu speech. =).

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