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thank you to your sister

July 6, 2004

My sister told me to make a livejournal, so she could link to me, and tell me how cool i am. =) giggle giggle giggle.

None of that stuff now.

I will tell you what i did. Whenever i go to my grandparents house, i relax so much. I’m like them. I just sit there and sleep on the couch all day. We just go eat, and then we sit around, listening to the radio and sleeping.

I talked about fortune cookies today. It was an Okay speech. I was really nervous, i went with the taut shoulders. I tried smiling, but i’m not sure if i was smiling, or just showing off my teeth. Then i started a little fast, but not too fast. The only thing i did well, was have vocal variety. I learned that from drama, how to echo my voice and make it interesting. Just like writing. I would not write. “I am hungry”, I would write something more exciting “my stomach was starting to go crazy and making noises that would scare even a bear, and i felt like i could eat an elephant.”.

Tonight, I have waterpainting class. We will find out, if i have any waterpainting skills. I always hated waterpainting, because it’s the hardest to control. The water makes the paint move in funny ways sometimes. It ain’t color pencils

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