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April 30, 2004

hehe, well i’m not bored. School is taking up so much time. So much work to do. I’m so far behind. I wish i had that power to stop time so i could catch up. I had class today. =). So i went to it. I’m so confused in dynamics class. I”m one chapter behind in understanding.

Then in physics, i’m just getting eaten. That class loves to eat me. But math class was fun because ai understand what’s happening in that class.


After math class, I walked all the way over to mustang village and turned in my housing form. It was nice and fast, and i called marc but he wasn’t home so i walked over to HK place. I sat there and played on their guitar, then i played on their gamecube. I was playing rogue squadron.


I walked backed to my place and watch naruto and had eggs and fried rice for dinner.


AACF was a joint meeting with UCSB, and some people from salinas. It was really good. And the skit went well also.


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