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relaxing day

March 22, 2004

such a relaxing day. I woke up at 9:00. So nice having to wakeup without an alarm.

Then i had to do some work around the house, i got the opportunity to polish the dining table. =). It looked so shiny after. IT was supurb work from me.

Then i went to cut some of the leaves off the trees near my house. I should read up more on pruning because i know i’m pruning wrong.

Then i walked down to the courts and played ball against myself.

Isn’t life interesting, but if you don’t think it’s interesting. Just go sit outside, and not move. Then listen and see what happens around you. Very interesting things out there.

I was watching tv today, and i see the news report about how many teens are taking anti-depressents. That makes me sad to see kids who see no value in their life. I think they just feel no value in their life, I should reach out to them, and show them they are loved by the creator of the earth.

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