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March 20, 2004

yup, i’m going to finish my song tonight, and it will be up within 24 hours of this. So william hung better watch out, because i’m a double threat. I can sing and play, while he’s only a single threat “singing”. =). Anyways, it wasn’t too long of a drive back today. My roommate was driving and i didn’t fall asleep. I was just sitting in the back playing on my guitar. Haha, playing for 3 hours straight. My hands hurt, but i did create a new songs, the lyrics are coming out.


Okay, song is up

Okay, here is my newest single. It’s called

“Everything is Beautiful”

Everything is Good, just for you
My life is so cool, how about you
Attitude is right, reach the sky

Beautiful, is your life
Special, speak your mind
Jubilant, Catch the wave
Jovial, laugh all night

Everything is fine, do you mind?
Action is the Rule, What to do?
Attiude is right, feel alive


Everything is smooth, Don’t be blue
Wisdom is my guide, Who’ll decide
Slammin on guitar, thru the night



Everything is Good, just for you
My life is so cool, how bout you?

That’s my song. Download here . Right click to save it.

I hope you like it, it was a fun song to make because i made it because my sister was asking me was something good or not. And i had just earlier in the day thought up of a tune in the ride back. So i just added those words to the song, and ta-da, i’ve have a song. Haha, none of my lyrics make too much sense, but if you were doing an analysis, i’m trying to make people think of hte bright stuff of life, and what they do in life?

That’s it. Please leave me a comment to tell me if you like it or not. I just want to know, you don’t have to leave your name. Just name yourself “critic #”

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