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Starting my study

January 7, 2004

So, i’ve finally set up a plan. No video games monday thru friday afternoon. I’m going to make it stick, if i have to pinch myself everytime i mess up.

I”ve controlled my body fairly well these past 3 days. I woke myself up with the alarm clock at 6:30 am everyday. I try to make myself go to sleep at 10:00. But that usually never happens, but i get in there before 11:00pm. I have high hopes for this quarter.

Tomorrow, i plan on going to see my advisor. Need to plan out what i’m doing and get other things fixed up. I have no idea who my faculty advisor is. I talked to my roommates and none of them have seen their advisor either. So i don’t know what to expect or how to find them. It will be interesting.

I bought one of thsoe bath and body soap with smell to it. So now i smell like juniper. I have a sweeet scent to my body. Add on my lotion, and i am a walking flower. As long as bees and other insects don’t become attracted to me.

And I opened my books to study


brush with pain

so my guitar case tried to kill me. I was walking up with a bowl in my hand and i walked into it. That’s what i get for leaving things lying in the middle of the room. Anyway, i was reading the esquire magainze, and after receiving the first issue, I didn’t liked it. It was too vulgur for me. The interviews were uncensored nad they used a lot of the vulgur vocabulary. So i unsubsribe after one issue. Not my type of magazine.

I then began the uneasy task of pumping up my exercise ball, so i can jsut sit on it and do stretching with it. I’ve currently have it half way blown up. Twenty minutes right there

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