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December 5, 2003

i am on abridged blogger stint, this might last a while, becuase i have a lot of finals and other stuff to do. Well, i jsut finished my fortran project in 2 hours. With 1 hour tyring to figure out why one part of my project didn’t work. It turned out that i wasn’t using the formula correctly. Then i was wondering why my answers were off by 100, it turned out i have to put 1.0 in and not 1. Or else it won’t read the real number right.


You are the Paladin. Your strength is your faith
and your shere determination to uphold what is
right and good. Often the martyr, the Paladin
is a man of the people, giving of himself for
the benefit of the greater good. Lawful and
devote, the paladin is a warrior of the Gods,
righting wrongs and standing firm in the face
of evil, where ever it may rear it’s ugly head.
You possess the fierce weapons of faith and
steel and woe betide those who question your
honour and courage.

What’s your fantasy character?
brought to you by Quizilla
BTW, my fortran program is finding the mean, variance, and std deviation.

What’s funny is how i fall asleep in class. I could be staring at the teacher and the next minute i’m asleep. And i’m still in my postiong looking at the teacher. I can hear the teacher, but in my 2 minutes of dreamland. I have some really vivid dreams. When i snap out of it, it feels as though that dream really had happened. And i fall asleep with out even leaning on my hands. …. that’s just weird.



I saw a guy going to class on a unicycle he was drinking a smoothie, and cycling up hill. Really cool looking.

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