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November 18, 2003

hmm, i have nothign to talk about. But i was helping vinesh choose which shirt would look better. So i used photoshop and put background colors for hte shirt. Then i went to look on ebay to see if arsenal or man u shirts were avalibale. I really like the arsenal jersey. Super Cool.

Fortran class wasn’t too interesting. I didn’t do much exciting. Well, i was walking through the school, and saw 2 displays by architecture students. One of them, were stuff people hanging near a tree, and on a tree. They had skeleton faces, and had a beer bottle. It said something like “she looked pretty at the party, but now she looks ugly”. I think it is something about drinking. Then walking past the sciene room. There were rows of teddy bears with beer bottles. Each bear was carrying one. I”m not sure what it is about because i didn’t feel curious. So i just walked away thinking teddy bears and beer.

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