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November 11, 2003

i;m going to ramble about nothing, I’m tired, studying, and surviving off of my tuna sandwich right now. But take heart. I’ll destroy that physics test tomorrow. I”m going to come back to my room so excited taht i will believe that i have the strength to punch a hole into the ground.


my hand feels

much better, after holding a really hot spatula. That i had left over the grill and went to grab to use. And too bad my first reaction when i feel soemthing hot is to close my hands, becuase that made it hurt more. And the more i held on the worst it became. But i got my hand away. It slowed down my cooking abiliy. I kept on sticking my hand in the ice, becuase i get such a hot burning sensation in my hand

I wonder who my hand feels really hot once it’s burned.

I’ve been thinking, am i a recluse or outgoing. Where do i stand. I wonder what happens if I don’t meet anyone for a whole week. Will i go crazy? I’ve been thinking to myself. It’s time for me to step up more. I think i’ve been on the same level for 2 years now. Time to go up, and be more of a man. Even though i might not be that tall, it doesn’t matter.

More useless random stuff. I like the game trunk dismount Currently, I can get up to 50k damage. I”m not sure how people got to 200 k, but they must have had really good runs.

Why do i feel so vulnerable. Am I regressing backward in my life. Or is it because i am not controlling my emotions enough. asdfasdfasdfasdf. I ‘ll figure that out later .I have to study somre more now.

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