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October 29, 2003

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server was down

October 29, 2003

i didn’t blog yesterady because the server was down to my blog. Yesterday wasn’t that exciting either. I did a lot of work, I still can’t figure out why it takes me so long to do my statics. I just don’t open up my brain enough when i work. Great news, Yesterday was the first time that i didn’t fall asleep in math class

I feel great right now.I’ll feel even better once i finish my math homework in 10 minutes. If i can do it that fast. Ah, I’m so thankful that God makes life hard and easy. Becuase i wouldn’t grow. Anyways. I was reading the book “pursuit of holiness” and i got to chapter 2. To sum it up, the reason a person keeps on sinning is because we don’t take sin serious enough, and the ones we do take seriously, we don’t take action ourselves, and believe we’ve already failed.

I think it’s mostly how you powerful your mind is. If you can make your body submit to your mind. Becuase most people know what’s right in their mind, but want to do what’s wrong in their heart.

ONLY you can choose how you want your day to be. So smile, because sometimes, the happy face just doesn’t have a mood.