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October 24, 2003

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12345 days of school and then rest

October 24, 2003

that’s what i’m going to do today. rest.

I had a very tough week, and i don’t really think i can take anymore of it for the rest of the day. Tomrrow. i’m going to be back in action. kicking butt.

I’m just lounging around. After statics class today, I walked all the way to marc’s apt. And asked him if he would show me where the HK boys live. There are some guys in our AACF group. That we call HK, because they like to have long hair, and l it’s like Hong Kong there with all their cool gadgets and stuff. So i walked over there, and Marc just opens their door, and we walk in. They dont lock the door. So we peep inside, and don’t see anyone stirring, so we walk ino the 2 rooms, and just see one guy. Arthur sleeping. So we don’t want to wake him up, so we just leave the room, and go away.